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Frame It!


Introducing a new service for our valued customers, Adorama can now provide Custom Framing. This new service gives an option and convinience for our valued customers, they no longer need to go anywhere else to get their photos / other art work framed just the way they want it.

We have a large selection of mouldings, over than 150 mouldings, that you can choose from. Please come in to our store and ask our helpful staff for framing ideas.

A properly finished custom frame is the union of artwork, mats, molding, and other elements to create a presentation that is unique, that complements your personality, and enhances your home or office. It is a one-of-a-kind creation that you will never find in a department store, furniture store, or at a photolab.

Your beautiful photos, paintings, needlework, wedding invitation, or graduation certificates should be framed in a manner that does them justice, and prevents their deterioration over time. Your custom framed artwork is a permanent investment in the decor of your home, which will outlast many of your other accessories.

It is more personalized than most of your other furnishings.