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Digital Offset Printing Center

It is a new field for Adorama to be able to do Digital Offset Printing for our customers and we hope to give the excellent service and quality in prints as we have done with our Digital Photo Center.


HP Indigo 5000


Starting in January – February 2007 we will install a state of the art Digital Offset Printer and the it will be the first in Indonesia, the HP Indigo Press 5000.  The HP Indigo Press 5000 is the leading Digital Offset Printer that give the best quality in printing and efficiency in short-run and on-demand Full-colour digital printing.


Using our HP Indigo Press 5000 combined with our dedicated staff and variety of finishing equipment we will be able to produce:

  • Business Cards
  • Company Profiles / Brochures
  • Booklets / Catalogs
  • Promotional Flyers
  • Calendars
  • Greeting Cards / Holiday cards
  • Post Cards
  • Presentation Folders
  • Invitation – wedding, birthday party, etc.
  • Limited Edition Books – Wedding Books, Fine-art photo books, travel photo diary,etc.

Why do short-run Digital Offset Printing?

  1. Faster & better value
    • no film, no plates, you save money
    • no more expensive make-readies
    • printed in hours or days, not weeks
  2. Print only what you need
    • no need to have high cost print runs
    • no more storing outdated brochures
  3. Direct from your digital files
    • just bring in your files in a CD / USB and direct to print from there on
  4. Even personalise every piece of print as it comes off the press with your mailing list


What’s the advantage?

Key Advantages

  1. Unrivalled for speed, quality and flexibility
  2. Proof/print on stock papers / board up to 340gsm
  3. Jobs that took weeks - now take days
  4. Very cost effective for multiple copies or dummies
  5. The quality of offset printing without film and plates, saving time and money